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Paperworks doesn't carry every wedding invitation vendor - only those that allow us to insure your invitation will be perfect at a price that pleases your pocketbook. 

Weddings do not have to be expensive. Paperworks has more than 1000 invitations on site from which to choose. Additionally web access allows you to peruse more invitations, reception cards, reply sets, napkins, menus and programs all designed to create your perfect wedding day. The wedding invitation is not merely a piece of paper but more importantly it is "first communication" with your guests. Paperworks' handy service of taking home invitation books allows you to peruse the selections at your convenience with a fiance or trusted confidant. Selecting your invitation and coordinating pieces should be fun and enjoyable.

Paperworks specializes in helping you select not only the appropriate invitation within your price range, but coordinating various clever napkins, programs, favors, cups and accessories.  Truly it's the little things that make your event yours and yours alone. 

Click on any of the invitations below below for a sneak preview of invites and more.....


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